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Company Restorations

If your company has been dissolved at Companies House and you would like to either recover frozen company assets such as money in a business bank account or continue trading with your limited company, @UKPLC can assist you in restoring your company to the register.

Our highly experienced company restorations team will work with you to restore your dissolved company quickly with minimum hassle and we will take a professional and cost-effective approach to restoring your dissolved company.

For more information or to restore your limited company call our experts on 0203 927 4366 or email and one of our experienced members of staff will be happy to help.

How to Restore a Dissolved Company

To restore a dissolved company to the register at Companies House and continue trading there are two routes that can be followed: restoration by Court Order or administrative restoration.

A voluntarily dissolved company containing frozen assets must go through a Court Order restoration. A company which didn't file its confirmation statements or accounts on time will need to bring all their company files up to date and pay any outstanding penalties and filing fees before going through an administrative restoration.

Court Order Restoration

The most common reason for restoring your company by Court Order is to recover company assets such as cash or property which has been passed to the Crown in the form of ‘bona vacantia’. Dependent on the Courts the process to restore your company by Court Order can take up to 4 months.

If a company has been dissolved within the last six years an application can be made to restore the company to the Register. However, a company that has been dissolved for more than six years, unfortunately cannot be restored. The only exception to this rule is when a company is being restored to pursue a personal injury claim.

To be eligible to make an application for a Court Order restoration you will need to be:

  • A former director, member, creditor or liquidator.
  • A person who had a contractual relationship with the company or who had a potential legal claim against the company
  • A person who had an interest in land or property in which the company also had an interest, right or obligation.
  • A manager or trustee of the company's former employees' pension fund.
  • A person who appears to the Court to have an interest in the matter.

The process for restoring a company by Court Order begins with a decision on whether the company will either continue to trade or cease to trade after recovering any assets. This decision will determine the items needed and the correct method to take to restore the company.

For a company to continue trading after any company assets have been recovered you will need to provide outstanding documents accounts and confirmation statements (previously annual returns) and any late filing penalties (if applicable) will be requested once the company has been restored.

A company restored to just recover assets (money, property, etc.) will not need to file any statutory documents or pay any late filing penalties. However, an undertaking will need to be given to the Courts to state the company will not trade again and will be dissolved soon after the assets have been recovered.

The costs involved in a Court Order restoration are:

  • Court fees - £280
  • Registrar of Companies fees - £300
  • Our fees start from £480 +VAT
  • Farrer & Co costs (if applicable) - £175 +VAT

For more information on the process and costs of restoring your company by Court Order contact our specialist team today

Administrative Restoration

If your company was struck off the Register at Companies House whilst still trading you will need to restore your company by Administrative Restoration. Usually, this occurs when your statutory documents have not been filed on time.

The process of administrative restoration takes 2-3 weeks to complete once all paperwork is correctly completed and filed. If eligible an administrative restoration is usually cheaper and quicker compared to company restoration by court order although it may be the case that any late filing penalties and filing fees to be paid in order to trade again may make the process more expensive.

To be eligible to apply for administrative restoration you must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Be a former director or member (shareholder) of a dissolved company.
  • Your application must be made within 6 years of the date of company dissolution.
  • The company was in business, operating or trading at the time it was dissolved.
  • The company was struck off by the Registrar of Companies under sections 1000 or 1001 of the Companies Act 2006.

The application process for an administrative restoration is a simple process which our team will guide you through to ensure all the documents and items needed are completed and filed.

The statutory documents and items needed for your company restoration are:

  • RT01 form
  • A cheque for £100, payable to the Registrar of Companies
  • Any outstanding documents, such as accounts or confirmation statements (previously annual returns)
  • Any filing fees or penalty payments
  • A Bona Vacantia waiver letter

The costs involved in an Administrative Restoration are:

  • Treasury Solicitors fee - £64
  • Registrar of Companies fee - £100
  • Our fees start from £139 +VAT
  • Additional fees if the registered office is in the Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall
  • Confirmation Statement (previously annual return) filing fees and late filing penalties (if applicable)

For more information on the costs and processes involved in an Administrative Restoration contact our specialist team today

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