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If you have a query that you cannot find the answer to, please contact us. Support office hours are 9am - 5:30pm, Mon-Fri.

On which documents must the company name be shown?

The company must state its name, in legible lettering, on the following:

  • all the company's business letters;
  • on all electronic documents such as emails;
  • all its notices and other official publications;
  • on the company website;
  • all bills of exchange, promissory notes, endorsements, cheques and orders for money or goods purporting to be signed by, or on behalf of, the company;

What if my company name is rejected?

You shall be contacted if your company is rejected. We make no charge for resubmitting a company name.

What if the company doesn't take-off or I no longer need it?

Private companies that have not traded or otherwise carried on business for at least three months and have no assets or liabilities may apply to the Registrar to be struck off the register. You need to file a DS01 plus £10 filing fee to Companies House. The form should be signed by all directors of the company.

What is the minimum number of officers a company requires?

Every company must have formally appointed company officers at all times.

A private company must have at least one director;

Since April 2008 private companies do not have to appoint a company secretary unless they choose to do so. But if a company does decide to have one, the secretary will have the same authority and responsibilities as now and will continue to be registered at Companies House.

You must tell Companies House about: the appointment of a new officer - use below forms:

  • Form AP01 for Director
  • Form AP02 for Corporate Director
  • Form AP03 for Secretary
  • Form AP04 for Corporate Secretary

For an officer's resignation from the company - use below forms:

  • Form TM01 for Director
  • Form TM02 for Secretary

To make changes in an officer's name or address, or other details use below forms:

  • Form CH01 for Director
  • Form CH02 for Corporate Director
  • Form CH03 for Secretary
  • Form CH04 for Corporate Secretary

Above forms are available on the admin section of our website and all can be filed electronically at Companies House.

Where can I register a new company online?

You can register a company online by clicking here.

The service usually takes 3 - 8 working hours during normal office hours.

The company will be registered with Companies House.

Where do I enter my members or director(s), secretary, subscriber and person of significant control details?

After payment, you will have the opportunity to enter details of registered office, members or director, secretary, subscriber, PSC, SIC code(s) and share capital before the company is incorporated.

After incorporation appointments and changes to details can be sent electronically to Companies House.

You can login here after incorporation to make online changes.

One form should be filled out per person.

Limited companies need at least one director; it is no longer mandatory to have a secretary but one can be appointed if you wish.

PLCs need a minimum of 2 directors and 1 secretary.

All companies need at least one subscriber.

An LLP needs at least 2 designated members.

You will need to supply for each person: full name and address, and 3 out of 7 items of security info used in place of a signature.

For Directors you will also need to supply date of birth, nationality, occupation.

For LLP members you need to supply date of birth.

Where do I enter my registered office?

The address you enter when you register with @UKPLC Company Registrations will be used for the registered office. You can check and amend the registered office address before incorporation. After incorporation you can change your registered office address online here. Only a UK address can be a registered office address.

If you select the Registered Office service, the Dormant Company Service or the Name Reservation Service, the registered office address will be:
2 Woodberry Grove, North Finchley, London, N12 0DR.

Where do I enter my share capital?

The statement of capital is set to a default of one issued share, you can amend this if you require more than the default by clicking on view details at the side of statement of capital, and amending the total number of shares issued.  There is no longer an authorised share capital.

Where must the company name be displayed?

Every company must paint or fix its name on the outside of every office or place in which its business is carried on - even if it is a director's home. The name must be kept painted or fixed and it must be both conspicuous and legible.

Are company officers allowed to give a corporate address or PO Box address as an address?

No, company officers must give their private home address. A corporate body can give a PO Box address provided that the address can be validated by Royal Mail.

Since October 2009 the Companies Act 2006 allows all officers to use a service address. Directors and members must also supply their home address which will not be displayed on the public record.

Can anyone be a company director?

You can't be a company director of a Limited Company if you are an undischarged bankrupt or disqualified by a court from holding a directorship, unless given leave to act in respect of a particular company or companies;

There is a minimum age limit of 16 in the Companies Act for a director to be appointed in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Can I choose any name I want for my company?

It is important to check that the name you wish to register is acceptable to Companies House. Briefly, the restrictions are:

You cannot register the same name as another company.

The use of certain words is restricted. Our Companies House search will warn you if a word is classed as a sensitive word or invisible word. If you continue with the application we will email to let you know what information is required by Companies House to support the use of the sensitive or invisible word.

Names likely to cause offence are not allowed.

It is also important to check whether your chosen name is similar to any other names already on the register. If your chosen name is too like another name, an objection could be made within the 12 months following the incorporation of your company and you could be directed by the Secretary of State to change the company's name.

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